Monday, December 1, 2008

10 Reasons Why You Should & Should Not Go Business Trip

10 Reasons Why You Should Go:

1) You get to stay in high-class hotels.

Shangri-la Shenzhen China

2) You get to eat free food everyday.

Room service meal costs me 200 over RMB every night

3) You get to show off the places you have been to.

Shanghai China

4) Yo
u get to earn free points for your frequent flyer program.

5) You get to earn free credit card points if you do not have a company credit card.

6) You get to meet SIA Air Stewardess with push-up bras.

Image "borrowed" from someone named hunting_owl in Flikr (sorry ar!)

7) You get to make new friends from other countries.

Wasan from HANA Electronics Thailand

8) You get to show Malaysian Chinese are better than Chinese in China, Taiwan & other part or the world by speaking 6 different kinds of languages.

9) You get to buy duty-free stuff on the way back home.

Johnie Walker's Red Label

10) You get to show off your experience in your blog like what I'm doing right now (sorry ar!).

10 Reasons Why You Should Not Go:

1) You may end up staying in lousy budget room if you're unlucky.

Singapore Ambassador Transit Hotel's budget room. It does not come with private toilet one okay?

2) If you think getting your ride in Business Class is fun. Think again!

Business class passengers are mostly served by lead or chief air stewardess (red uniform), and most of these air stewardess are... what should I say? MATURED...

3) You may end up going together with your boss and not being able to enjoy anything other than discussing work with him all the time.

4) I will have to wish you luck if you are visiting Taiwanese suppliers. They usually promise you that everything will be done before your visit. But end up you will be doing everything that have been promised by them when you're there.

5) You may get screwed by your customers and get quarantined until mid-night.

6) If your customers screw you until the last day of your trip, most likely you'll be continue getting screwed by your boss when you are back to office.

7) You may end up staying back in hotel for the whole trip because there are too many pimps waiting for you outside the hotel.

Outside Shangri-la Shenzhen China. Some of the men standing at the entrance/exit of subway station are pimps.

8) Get prepared to get stuck in major traffic jam for 2 hours while going back hotel after work.

Traffic jam while going back hotel.

9) You may end up drinking kopi-O in China because most of the milk in the country contains melamine.

10) You may end up stuck in Thailand airport for 3 days and participate the Thais' protesting against their government.

1 comment:

  1. hahahahah!!! really sucks in Thai's case.

    Can still eat expensive food and show off. 10 reasons to go trumps 10 reasons not to go!



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