Sunday, November 30, 2008

Penang Drivers Vol. 1

This is how Penang folks park their new cars...

Penang lang really jialat...
Thanks to Felix Cheang for the photos...


  1. muahahahah!! i found your blog wo..

    so funny!

  2. Hi brother ...

    Ling Pek bei song!
    Ai Park song song!
    Lu bei song wa song!
    2 car parks one car ... so what?

  3. hmm who the hell is that anonymous above... ? I think the driver is a Yi Sai Cho from Ipoh, who dowan to work in Ipoh,.. come to Penang and rob Penang Lang all the job and some more keh si buy car in Penang with Penang plate and ham huet pan Penang Lang... This type of Ipoh kia should just balik Ipoh to breath all those Cement-laden air... muahahahhahhaa..... I am Kepong Kia... Fan toui thong man soui !!!!!!



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