Sunday, April 10, 2011

Weird Names In Japan

I noticed Japanese used weird names for their shops or brand names.

First, they sell products without concepts.

"Boh" Concept

Then, they sell the key coffee,

in a boring coffee shop.

And I wondered why are they still selling clothes in the shop if they do not like wearing any?

If you love to collect bonus points during shopping, you can collect all the points you want at this shop.

Buy your last piece of cloth here before you die.

And I know the best place to go in Tokyo will be this one...

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

iLove iPhone

I love my iPhone.

When I came across with nice songs, I will Shazam to check the name and the singer of the song.

Check the traffic status on Penang bridge with my iPhone before going back Ipoh on Friday.

Although Penang bridge is still jammed everyday after expanding to three lanes and it doesn't make any difference to your schedule whether you check or don't check.

I read news in kopitiam or hawker center while waiting for food.

Chat on Skype and play Angry Bird while waiting in ridiculously slow government agency.

Log on to facebook, check weather, stock market & currency rate while queuing up in McD. Watch Youtube while eating alone. Listen to iPod while traveling, pretend like very busy businessman in Starbucks... and much more to do.

But the most important is...

I will not feel bored again while
attending wedding dinners which I do not have a lot of mutual friends with the bride or bridegroom.

Sitting inside meeting room with whole bunch of Turkish and French talking to each other with their mother tongue during business trip, and not being able to understand a word.

And waiting for Ms. Koh outside lingerie shop and hair salon.

Er... go in or not go in ar?

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Green light! Kia!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

When Shit Happens

This post is inspired by Ms. Koh 2's "Ang moh 红毛" post.

When shit happens,

The British will say "Bloody hell!".

American will say "Jesus Christ!".

Chinese will say "糟糕了!".

Taiwanese will say "干!".

Malaysian will say "Shit!".

Singaporean will say "Oh my god!".

Hongky will say "憋家伙!".

Cantonese will say "Diu lor...".

Hokkien will say "Jia lat liao!".

Penang CB lang will say...


Friday, February 5, 2010

How Shit Happens

When engineers report to their managers.

Engineer:"The yield from the pre-manufacturing process verification build is too low. The design and chosen material of the product is not manufacturable. We cannot improve the process any more. We need to perform a total re-design in order to proceed for product release!"

When managers update to their senior managers.

Manager:"The yield of the manufacturing process is not optimum yet. We need to further optimize the process, and fine tune the product design which might pro-long the time line a bit.

When senior managers update to VPs.

Senior Manager:"The engineers are optimizing the process now. We should be able to improve the yield after optimization and the project is on schedule for product release and we will able to accept order after product release."

Finally, when VPs update to CEO.

VP:"We are on schedule for mass production and deliver the customer order."

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

While all the youngsters went to Queensbay Mall for beach party countdown, all the chics went club to countdown, Ms. Koh went back to Banting to countdown,

I'm enjoying my Jack Daniel's with coke during this moment...

Happy New Year!


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