Sunday, September 27, 2009

Coffee like...

I enjoy drinking coffee. In fact, I'm addicted to coffee, I used to drink a cup of coffee every morning, and then occasionally another cup in the afternoon or night. Once without it, I'll feel headache, then dizzy, then dying...

Out of all the types of coffee I have tried, Old Town is still my personal favourite.

It's strong enough to clear my headache, the taste is unique, no other type of coffee can fight against it.

But sometimes when the price of Old Town 3-in-1 shoot up or no promotion. I will take Nescafe as alternative.

I might have to double the dosage as Nescafe is milder compare to Old Town.

I buy those expensive high class coffee once in a blue moon.

But I insist not to drink those cheap-ba-lak SUPER coffee, even though they are cheap. It tasted like bitter curd.

And I ban Starbucks as well. For me, coffee is coffee, why you want to put whipped cream, vanilla, chocolate powder, chocolate chips and even banana flavour to it?

This doesn't look like coffee any more.

Same goes to Coffee Bean.

But there's one brand of coffee I'm really curious about...

I wonder how it tastes like......

Sunday, September 13, 2009

I Have Sin...

I want to confess, in fact I need to confess. I have done something so wrong. But I have no choice but to do it.

It was a usual, calm, bored and unproductive Saturday night. I was reading my 'as usual boring' John Grisham novel when you came in, out of nowhere to my house, secretly executing your mission.

I am aware with your existence for a long time. Nevertheless, I gave you your chances, hoping that one day you will realise how merciful I am and go away, stay away from my life. But you have never appreciated all the chances that have been given to you.

You let me no choice but to kill you! Kill you with a 100-degree Celcius of hot boiling water. It was so good to see you struggling, struggling with all your strength and last breathe. But it was useless, nobody can survive with that kind of temperature.

Rest in peace, go tell your buddies in their dream to stay away from me. It will not be hot water if I see one of your kind next time.

Good bye, you stupid rat. If you cannot jump out from a pail, don't jump into it. Dumb rat!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Not Happy? Go Home!

We have provided 2 million of job opportunities (legally and illegally) to you so far. If they are paid averagely $500 per month, that will be $500 x 2M x 12mths = $120 BILLION per year . That haven't include all the crimes your people have convicted here.

Then, you want to have a day off every week.

And you are still not satisfy, you want us to increase your salary, way higher than the salary of our own people.

Now, you form a so called KAM 'society' with the objective to 'clean up' us, threaten the lives of our people in your country, including the tourists and university students that contribute money to you!

Come on, if you are really so tulan with us, show some guts, ask your people to leave, don't come to earn our money.

Go home!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

My New Laptop!

This is my new laptop. The Dell Inspiron 13.

Powered by a Core2 Duo 2.1GHz processor, 2GB of RAMs, a spacious 320GB hard disk, 13.3' LCD screen. Built-in with 1.3M pixel webcam (not important, I don't do camwhoring), multi-format card reader (good, I can finally plug-in my stupid Sony Ericsson memory card), eSATA/1394 connector (what's that?), HDMI v1.3 output (not important, I don't have LCD TV).

The thing I like about this laptop is its keyboard. It comes with spacious keys, it's so nice to type with it.

And it is thin, so thin that it's even thinner than a book!

See? Thinner than my MATLAB book!

And its light weight, so light that it's lighter than a bag of rice!

I bought it from House of Notebooks in QBM. By paying the same price, they gave me a bunch of free gifts, a Dell sling bag, and more importantly an external DVD-RW optical drive! This laptop has built in almost everything except for the optical drive.

But if I were to buy from Dell directly, I will get absolutely NOTHING! No free gifts, no free bag and of course, NOOO free drive!

And you have to wait for AT LEAST one week before you can get your laptop.

FELL DELL, like that I can only support you indirectly liao...


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