Saturday, September 12, 2009

Not Happy? Go Home!

We have provided 2 million of job opportunities (legally and illegally) to you so far. If they are paid averagely $500 per month, that will be $500 x 2M x 12mths = $120 BILLION per year . That haven't include all the crimes your people have convicted here.

Then, you want to have a day off every week.

And you are still not satisfy, you want us to increase your salary, way higher than the salary of our own people.

Now, you form a so called KAM 'society' with the objective to 'clean up' us, threaten the lives of our people in your country, including the tourists and university students that contribute money to you!

Come on, if you are really so tulan with us, show some guts, ask your people to leave, don't come to earn our money.

Go home!

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