Sunday, September 27, 2009

Coffee like...

I enjoy drinking coffee. In fact, I'm addicted to coffee, I used to drink a cup of coffee every morning, and then occasionally another cup in the afternoon or night. Once without it, I'll feel headache, then dizzy, then dying...

Out of all the types of coffee I have tried, Old Town is still my personal favourite.

It's strong enough to clear my headache, the taste is unique, no other type of coffee can fight against it.

But sometimes when the price of Old Town 3-in-1 shoot up or no promotion. I will take Nescafe as alternative.

I might have to double the dosage as Nescafe is milder compare to Old Town.

I buy those expensive high class coffee once in a blue moon.

But I insist not to drink those cheap-ba-lak SUPER coffee, even though they are cheap. It tasted like bitter curd.

And I ban Starbucks as well. For me, coffee is coffee, why you want to put whipped cream, vanilla, chocolate powder, chocolate chips and even banana flavour to it?

This doesn't look like coffee any more.

Same goes to Coffee Bean.

But there's one brand of coffee I'm really curious about...

I wonder how it tastes like......


  1. Hello ! I stop by your blog after a few search on Penang Hokkien. You make laugh badly. I like the way you talk things here. I should learn from you and perk up my own blog. You're really funny and I must go check out Kanasai Coffee tomorrow ! Ha. Ha.

  2. Hi Xiamen Ah Long, thanks very much for your motivating comment!

  3. Have you tried Check-Hup 3in1 coffee ? It's very good as well.

  4. I live in China for 7 years now, one of the things I dun like about Xiamen is the water. All 3-in-1 I brought back from Penang taste awful here. It tastes absolutely different. Check-Hup is by far the best in Xiamen. Oldtown's not too bad but Nescafé is really really awful. It has something to do with the water here. Therefore, I DID bring just pipe water back from Penang before, to cook it here ! I am serious.....

  5. I have the same experience in Shanghai. Their water taste like chemical there and it has the same kind of taste inside their tea, soup and sometimes even the rice.

  6. Shanghai...... Does your company by any chance have a factory in Xiamen ? You're not working in where I have been stuck for 7 years...... Are you ?

  7. I went to Shanghai to provide design-in support to customer. Went to Xiamen once to meet customer there. What company are you working for?



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