Thursday, September 10, 2009

My New Laptop!

This is my new laptop. The Dell Inspiron 13.

Powered by a Core2 Duo 2.1GHz processor, 2GB of RAMs, a spacious 320GB hard disk, 13.3' LCD screen. Built-in with 1.3M pixel webcam (not important, I don't do camwhoring), multi-format card reader (good, I can finally plug-in my stupid Sony Ericsson memory card), eSATA/1394 connector (what's that?), HDMI v1.3 output (not important, I don't have LCD TV).

The thing I like about this laptop is its keyboard. It comes with spacious keys, it's so nice to type with it.

And it is thin, so thin that it's even thinner than a book!

See? Thinner than my MATLAB book!

And its light weight, so light that it's lighter than a bag of rice!

I bought it from House of Notebooks in QBM. By paying the same price, they gave me a bunch of free gifts, a Dell sling bag, and more importantly an external DVD-RW optical drive! This laptop has built in almost everything except for the optical drive.

But if I were to buy from Dell directly, I will get absolutely NOTHING! No free gifts, no free bag and of course, NOOO free drive!

And you have to wait for AT LEAST one week before you can get your laptop.

FELL DELL, like that I can only support you indirectly liao...

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