Sunday, July 19, 2009

I think I should do something...

I log on to Facebook almost everyday, not to play all those Farm games

like what Miss Koh has been doing every weekend after she woke up at 12pm until 2am midnight. But just to check out how my friends have been doing. I was so surprised recently when I start to see some of my friends putting their wedding photos in Facebook.

Chang Quan - Friend of mine since primary school, knew him for more than 10 years.


Ng Chin Wun - A friend since secondary school.

Then, a few of my course mates.

Viddy - A course mate whom I didn't really talk to her a lot in 5 years of college. I deserved not going to their wedding dinner.

Su Yan & Han Sing - Invited me to go but I forgot... too bad...

Then recently.

Le Jie - A guy which I have known him about 9 years ago after Form 5, got married recently.

Looks like everybody start getting married, it makes me feel that I should start doing something...

But most importantly, after seeing all these photos, I feel so...... so...... so....


Because they didn't invite me to their dinner! Muahaha! Save ang pau $$!

So it's time to start reducing the frequency of logging onto Facebook to reduce the probability of getting invitation for wedding dinner.

What? You thought I'm getting married ar?


  1. juk juk juk juk....

    I wanna attend wedding!!!

  2. plazzy... you are right this guy is really Cheap Jing wan... I pity the gf and future wife, ngo sei lo poh wan chow ouk

  3. er. . why tie me into this? i din post any replies ...

  4. you always say he is very cheap jing wan.... wah now you scared to say in his blog ah ?



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