Tuesday, July 14, 2009

You Know You Are In Penang Long Enough When...

Ms. Koh 2 inspired me to write this post after reading her post 'You know you are in Japan long enough when...'

So, you know you're in Penang long enough when...

1) You slow down your car when the traffic light is green to let pass the motorcyclist from other side of the road.

2) You run into traffic jam when there's accident happens on the other side of the road.

3) You start to put flower pots, DIY-cement block in front your house to prevent people park their cars there.

4) You order food with Hokkien in Ipoh or KL.

5) You pay parking fee from morning till night and even on Sunday.

6) You say it's big, cheap and worthy when you see double storey linked house with the size of '20ft x 64ft' selling at the price of RM400k and above.

7) You say 'Jialat lor' instead of 'Diu lor' when shit happens.

8) You start scratching people's car when their cars block your way, park too near, or park in front of your house.

9) You drive like 车神, leaving your car 1cm away from the butt of the car in front of you to avoid people cutting into your lane while waiting at the traffic lights.

10) You laugh when you listen to jokes spoken in Hokkien.

Help me update.


  1. you add pun after every sentence.

    "Not yet pun!" "let's go eat pun" "I wanna pun" "pun pun pun"

  2. speak English with 'first voice'...

    Mc. D(1)...

  3. yea yea!! That one! Wuah..very typical Teochew/hokkein light sound.



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