Friday, February 5, 2010

How Shit Happens

When engineers report to their managers.

Engineer:"The yield from the pre-manufacturing process verification build is too low. The design and chosen material of the product is not manufacturable. We cannot improve the process any more. We need to perform a total re-design in order to proceed for product release!"

When managers update to their senior managers.

Manager:"The yield of the manufacturing process is not optimum yet. We need to further optimize the process, and fine tune the product design which might pro-long the time line a bit.

When senior managers update to VPs.

Senior Manager:"The engineers are optimizing the process now. We should be able to improve the yield after optimization and the project is on schedule for product release and we will able to accept order after product release."

Finally, when VPs update to CEO.

VP:"We are on schedule for mass production and deliver the customer order."

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