Friday, December 5, 2008


I have decided to start taking 2 of my 12.5 days "Going-to-Burn" leaves last two days.

When I was in university, holiday to me means I can...

1. Play computer games all day.

2. Study all day.

3. Doing nothing all day.

Nowadays, holiday to me means I have to...

1. Wash my weekly piled up clothes.

2. Cut the getting-long grass at the front

and the back of my house.

3. Sweep & mop the floor upstairs, downstairs and staircase as well.

4. Drive Ms. Koh go down town to take her passport.

At the same time......

Still log on to our office network through VPN to check and reply emails.

Dear boss, I hope you have read my blog too... :)

Life's not as great as old days after start working. Isn't it?


  1. I scare she'll spoil my car...

  2. Kenot Be... I have been through all this before (KKL, aka your boss)



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