Wednesday, December 3, 2008

It's all Illusion

According to a news statement in Sinchew Jit Poh on 17th Nov'08. Our Deputy Home Minister Dato Chor Chee Heung commented that the current increment of crime rate in Malaysia is an ILLUSION!

The is because our government have been putting a lot of effort in building new police stations, now going to police stations are so convenient like going to 7-eleven. Thus, it has become easier and more convenient for public to log police reports. When police reports are logged, those reports will become part of the statistics number for evaluation of the crime rate in Malaysia.

So, when more and more people logging police reports, it created an ILLUSION that crime rate has increased! In other words, what Dato Chor wants to say is, the crime rate "looks like" increase because nowadays people log police reports because it's EASY.

Link to the news statement in Sinchew Jit Poh

So i guess all the Mat Rempits are ILLUSIONS.


Bank robberies are ILLUSIONS.

Gems robbery news from The Star

Prostitution and drugs are ILLUSIONS.


Sounds like Malaysia is heaven!

Perhaps Dato Chor watched too much of Steven Chow's comedies.

Oi! Friend! Next time when you talk, use your brain lar!


  1. wuah. like that also can find the video. Geng!

  2. I cut the movie myself one...



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