Thursday, December 4, 2008

AirAsia is now a Cash Sucker

AirAsia has been a real success story in recent years by turning around the reputation of airline transportation from expensive & "rich man" kind of travel option, to easy, cheap & affordable transportation with its "Now Everyone Can Fly" spirit.

However, after few years of "semi-monopolization" in budget airline business (Not to forget FireFly). AirAsia has started to "mutate" into a bloody hell cash sucking vampire with some of its so-called "features" , "products" & "policies".

I'm sure you may have noticed that nowadays AirAsia offers "Xpress Boarding" option when you book your air ticket online.

Basically, Xpress Boarding allows you to pay a sum of RM15 - RM25 so that you can QUE-UP and get on-board to the plane earlier for better seats. Senior citizens still have the privilege to Que-up AFTER the Xpress Boarding line. However, for senior citizens whom are under the age of 65, or families with infants, you'll still need to Que-up as normal if you don't pay. Even if you have paid, you still need to line up earlier to fight for seats with those who have paid also!

Please refer to the AirAsia statement regarding Xpress Boarding in their website as below:

"Elderly Guest of 65 years old and above will be given priority to board without paying any additional charge after XPRESS BOARDING pass holders but before the general queue. Guests who wish to accompany elderly guests have to purchase XPRESS BOARDING."

Modified dialogue

So, if all passengers buy Xpress Boarding...

Modified dialogue, photo from

Then, Xpress Boarding doesn't really look so express anymore.

Perhaps AirAsia should put Xpress Boarding on Ebay for bid.

Then it could have earn more money.

If that is the case, why not changing the name Xpress Boarding to Xpre$$ Boarding?

Or changing the slogan "Now Everyone Can Fly" to "Now Everyone Can Que-up!"

That should sounds great.

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  1. Come'on lar brother, i still owe airbus so much $$$$$$$$$$$ ... suck a bit so what?



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