Sunday, December 7, 2008

How to Repair Your "Misused" Plastic Water Bottle

How to repair you tend-to-break plastic bottles from this:

To this:
Ms. Koh's repaired bottle.

1. First, you'll need the following:

A broken or going-to-break water bottle (forget about this post if you do not have any plastic bottle)

Screwdriver - used to screw spectacles one

Short length of copper wire

2. Drill a hole using your screwdriver on your bottle as follow:

3. Put the wire through the holes as follow:

4. Tighten the wire and remove the extra length.

Thanks to Ms. Koh for another genius idea.


  1. why not just cut it. I tot that purpose was to hold the cap with the bottle cover... hahahahah!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. People tense to use it as "handler" when carrying the bottle mah...



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