Sunday, December 21, 2008

Chiang Mai Royal Flora Ratchaphruek

Two years ago, I went to Chiang Mai to visit one of our suppliers in Thailand.

During the trip, I visited the Royal Flora Ratchaphruek , which is a flower exhibition held by Thailand and participated by 30 nations representing the five continents. The event showcased about 2,200 species of tropical flowers and 2.5 million tropical plants, covering an area of 21,000 square meters.

It was a very successful event considering that it attracted about three million visitors to the exhibition. At the exposition's conclusion, organizers claimed that the exposition had injected 27 billion baht into the regional economy.

I got the chance to see my favorite Tulips from Holland during the visit.

Scenery of Japan,


Sword making demonstration,

And not surprisingly, our country was also one of the participants. The title of the presentation was "The Garden of Life".

But it looks more like a bus stop to me...

and the flowers doesn't look kind of alive either...

Looks more like a garden of dead bushes.

Yes! Malaysia Boleh!


  1. HAHAHA!!!! where you find the photo of a bus stop and dead bush.. geng! Funny!

    The garden of life! YAY! BOLEH!




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