Thursday, December 18, 2008

Economy Crisis

US sub-prime mortgage problem that causes the global economy downturn is starting to impact us. MNCs in Malaysia have started lay-off and cost cutting activities in-order to survive this round of economy crisis.

News from Sinchew Jit Poh about lay-offs

The first bad news from my employer is, there will be NO salary increment next year until there are signs showing re-bounce on global economy situation!

During this difficult period, luckily we still have a few hundreds bucks of Sunshine cash vouchers to give us some breathing space!

So, me and Ms. Koh went to Sunshine Square happily to shop for groceries and other daily needs.

At the end, we bought back a lot of stuffs. Everything sounds great!

Just that, 90% of them are to be carried over to Tokyo next week by Ms. Koh to her sister Ms. Koh 2 who is studying MSc degree there.

At the end, these are the things I got as consolation prize !#@!%!@

Consolation prize: 1 pack of Old Town 3-in-1 white coffee, 2 free cups from Milo, 1 extra free Nestle baby food from Sunshine because they think I'm handsome.

Dear Ms. Koh 2, if you have read my blog, please! PAY US BACK $$$ in Japanese YEN! (Coz Japanese YEN is strong now.)

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