Monday, December 22, 2008

What Man?

Hollywood has been amazing! They have created so many super heroes on big screens. Like...

The classical Batman.

The not-so-original X-Men.

Iron Man.

Our country also showed the Bolehness spirit by releasing The Cicak Man.

And now, Hong Kong has also came out with their own version of super hero...

The IP Man!


  1. IP man can detect your network IP, kill you with your ip address... very scary indeed...... x-(

  2. The chinese finally got tired of piracy. Behold IP man! the deadly enforcer of Intellectual Property rights!

  3. Yes Man can be considered as a hero or nt?

  4. pss... pss.. I heard some folks in Penang is shooting a new movie. First ever blockbuster made in Malaysia. Heard they plan to take it into Hollywood. Creating a new hero local to Penang as well. He... urm... no... She.. urm... no... I'm not sure if it's a hero or heroine. I only know the movie title is...... non other than CB Lang.



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