Wednesday, December 17, 2008


According to our observation, this is how Chinese girls in Mainland China rank Asian guys from other countries in their preferred list.

No.1 : Hong Kong
No.2 : Singapore
No.3 : Taiwan
No.4 or lower : Malaysia

This is how we found out. Please refer to the conversation below:

Me: "您好!"

Leng Lui: "陈先生, 您好!"
(Hi Mr. Chen. They like to address me as 陈先生, although my personal details clearly stated I'm 曾先生...)

Leng Lui: "您的国语说得很好呀!"
(You can speak fluent Chinese!)

After overheard we speak Cantonese among colleagues.

Leng Lui: "您也会说白话哦! 您是从香港(No.1)来的吗?"
(You can speak Cantonese as well! Are you from Hong Kong(No.1)? Asking us with exciting tone.)

Me: "我不是从香港来. 您猜猜看?"
(Nope. Would you like to guess?)

Leng Lui: "那您一定是从新加玻(No.2)来的."
(Then you must be coming from Singapore(No.2).)

Me: "也不是."

Leng Lui:"难道是台湾(No.3)?"

Me: "也不是."

Then the girl stopped guessing. Shxx!

Me: "我从来西亚(No.4 or lower)来的."
(I'm from Malaysia(No.4 or lower).)

Leng Lui:"哦."

Then show us the "semi-smile-face" :|


  1. 陈先生, you were so proud malaysian chinese can speak multilanguage mah, you can even create a new dialect, Hakkein?! get over the lenglui lar.. ditch them x-(



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