Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Stepford Wives

Do you still remember the movie "The Stepford Wives"? A movie about a group of perfect wives in Stepford, Connecticut, which turn out to be a bunch of robots.

Recently in Canada, Le Trung, a chemist graduate from York University in Canada and a computer and robotics passionate created a robotic wife named Aiko.

According to Le Trung, Aiko is able to memorize his favorite drinks, doing housework, ledger, reading out newspaper, recognizing people and etc. The incredible part is, Aiko may even perform sexual activities with some minor improvements!

The most important thing is Aiko doesn't complain, nagging & keep on asking money from you.

The total investment to build Aiko is roughly £14,000.00, which converts to about RM74,200.00.

Sounds kind of an heavy investment isn't it?

But consider if your wife is a full-time housewife, then you might need to give her some pocket money... say roughly RM1000 per month.

Thus, RM74,200 is roughly the amount you paying your wife for 6 years. Of course, you won't be giving her money for 6 years. You need to give her MORE than 6 years (literally until you or she is dead).

Of course, you still need to pay for maid, babysitter, utility bill, house loan, car loan, kids' tuition fee, university... blar blar blar...

Worse still, if you include her name together with your FD account, savings account, unit trust , house, car anything. She literally owns everything you have.

You may still feel grateful if your wife looks like Angelina Jolie,

or 林志玲.

But what if she looks like...


Famous 如花 from Stephen Chow's movies.

or even this!

Fierce lady from 整蛊专家

Then, maybe the RM 74k Aiko might still worth it...


  1. maybe with a little improvement, can also withdraw money from aiko, like the wives.

    btw, the 整蛊专家 lady, she knows how to do CPR, not a bad investment also lar.

  2. The lady didn't do CPR lar... she was trying to listen Stephen Chow's heart beat only...

  3. Aiyar!! sei zor!!! hai li ji gei ham tou mai qiong, yun yao tao zai yau zu, lei mou fan lei wan ngo arh.....

  4. I think yu fah damn f**king funny with the dig nose stunt



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