Saturday, February 28, 2009

Penang Drivers Vol. 3

No matter what you do, they still want to park their cars near the entrance, because they don't have legs to walk...

Penang lang really jialat!


  1. Not to side Penang people... sometimes it could be also idiotic Ipoh cai come penang and spoil market ..... anyway... in the spirit of our politicians... "Kalau you take suka, BALIK IPOH"

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Lucky they have only two shopping complexes that could be seriously be considered a visit.

    KL has more crowd and the mall is usually fully parked yet i don't see anybody parking right at an entrance of any KL's mall.

    Some Penang people really 'jialat' one. "Tiu~"

  4. Loke: The car obviously is Penang car plate one ok...

  5. anonymous = Loke ? err... Far Hee it is me lah.. your good fren who like to work with you on the same team all the time and redesign things. Usually Ipoh Cai buy penang car then spoil market

    But hor I envy you loh... always complain never get to travel .. now travel until you shiok shiok neh



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