Saturday, February 28, 2009

Tough Week

This week is a tough week. Our Field Sales team escalated customer issue to the Marketing team.
Customer -> Field Sales -> Marketing

Then Marketing escalated to R&D team.

Customer -> Field Sales -> Marketing -> R&D

The "Fire" heated up until Division Head level.

Customer -> Field Sales -> Marketing -> R&D -> Division Head

Like the Australia fires, bigger and bigger.

Then Division Head told our R&D big boss,

"Send our people there to verify the samples if needed."

So I'll be going to Shenzhen again next week. But I'm not going to meet any SIA air stewardess with push-up bras anymore.

Coz I'm flying with Cathay Pacific. I'm not sure whether their air stewardess wearing any push-up bras, I hope they doesn't wear bras at all are pretty also.

End up I'm the only one who's going to save the fire...

God please help me!

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