Thursday, February 19, 2009

Bad Name

If your surname is Tan, try not to name your son Nelson. Because...

Nelson Tan = 鸟生蛋

Don't use Michael Tan too. Because...

Michael Tan = 卖鸡蛋

Don't use Leonard Tan as well. Because...

Leonard Tan = 两粒蛋

Same concept applies if you're from Chang's family...

Leonard Chang = 两粒橙

Most importantly! If your surname is 徐, don't name your daughter as 徐白玲, because her English name will end up as...

Chee Bai Ling

Cannot lar... cannot show the rest of this photo liao...


  1. mummy told me she has a friend Chow Chee Bai wo.

  2. How about your favourite buzz word ... 徐白兰CBL?



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