Saturday, February 21, 2009


Sometimes it's funny to listen to the conversation of people having teleconference in office.

When they call local or internal people for discussion, they'll speak in Hokkien:
A:" Ei! wa ai ga lu discuss jit eh ar."
B:" Discuss har mit? Data ng si send hor lu liao meh?"

When they call overseas to Americans, they'll speak in English:
A:" Hi Jason! I would like to discuss the data with you now. Can you turn to slide seven?
Instantaneously switch to broken American accents.

When they call to Europeans such as British, they'll still speak in English:
A:" Hi Andrew! I would like to discuss the data with you now. Can you turn to slide seven?
But still use broken American accents, instead of British.

Then, when they call to Japanese, my old boss who spend several years in Japan will try to show off his fluent Japanese:
Old Boss:" watashiwa xxx xxx xxxdesu xxxx xxxx desukah... blar blar"

But if you do not speak Japanese, then you have to be patience with their crappy English and try to imitate them.

This is my personal experience:
Yoshida-san:" Pin eighto?"
Me:" Yes, pin eighto of the testo boardo."

When my colleague speaks to Taiwanese supplier, she thought they speak the same kind of Hokkien like ours:

Miss HC:" So, 你要keep我in the loop pun..."

FYI, pun is Malay okay?

Another colleague tried to ask our Taiwanese supplier about the tolerance of their product package dimension:

Loke:"你们的 package height 加减多少?"

But the funniest thing would be listening to the conversation between my boss and our Chinese supplier with his Mandarin cum broken American accents:

Boss:" 请你 arrange engineer to help build sample to check 那个test data accuracy tester repeatability..."

Boss, don't force yourself lar... if you really forgot how to speak Mandarin, just speak English lar...


  1. Conversation with Hongkie

    Hongkie: Hello, I'm Funny.
    Me: ....
    Hongkie: Hello?
    Me:...Hi... Funny...

    Later I learnt that her name was FERNIE.

  2. Loke:"你们的 package height 加减多少?"
    Taiwan Supplier: "鲁郎gong 事米话?我郎夹料meh?"


  3. I wanna comment here pun! Hahaha :P

  4. this is really funny leh...but i strongly agreed with you!

  5. Loke:"你们的 package height 加减多少?"

    I believe the supplier response as what you.

    The say what is chia chien ?

  6. San kyu ebybody.i belly happi! - Japan counterpart



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