Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Gifts For Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is around the corner, if your girlfriend ask you to buy her...

a diamond because "A Diamond Is Forever."

Tell her:

"You do not need a diamond when you already have me forever."

Saves you at least 1,000 bucks.

If she ask you to buy Tiffany's jewelry for her.

Tell her:

"You're already a perfect woman. You don't need any jewelry to enhance your beauty."

Saves you another 1,000 bucks.

If she ask you to buy a Guess watch for her.

Tell her:

" I'll be with you every second in your life to tell you the time. "

Saves you at least 300 bucks.

If she ask you to buy a Prada handbag for her.

Tell her:

" I'll be at your side to carry all the burden for you. "

Saves you another 500 bucks.

If she ask you to buy LG Prada hand phone as counter offer.

Tell her:

" I'm already beside you before you call me."

Saves you 1,000 bucks.

If she tell you she don't want anything from you, she just want to go to somewhere to relax with you,

Tell her:

"Everywhere is the same as long as we're together."

Saves you at least 5 - 10k.

If she tell you at least must buy her flowers with pissed-off-tone!

Tell her:

"Flowers will die. But my love for you will never!"

I hope you still have your girlfriend by then.


  1. the dragon lay eggs all around the prada handbag.

  2. Wah Prada bag is not just 500 bucks ok! Multiply that by 10x maybe...

  3. That one in the photo looks like fake one...

  4. only 1 word to desribe u ~~ stingy!!!



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