Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Message From Bush To Obama

To my bro, Ballack Hussein Osama, Oops! Barack Hussein Obama,

First of all, I would like to congratulate you for being elected as the next President of United States of America. I must tell you that being the President of the nation is a proud and honorable task. However, I can assure you that this is not an easy task. Like what they always said:"With great power comes great responsibility."

I will soon step down as the President of the United States. But before I do so, I would like to give you some heads-up and advice on the status of the country.

First thing you will need to do is to stock-up the Tomahawk and other ballistic missiles. I have used up most of them in Afghanistan and Iraq. By the way, Tomahawk is not my fault! It's been running low on stock since I got the job from Clinton. He used up most of them in Yugoslavia.

Don't worry about the expired missiles. I have sold them to Israel. Yeah! The missiles that hit the UN office recently were those that beyond the expiry date. You know lar, the targeting system always gives problem after the missile is expired.

We have found the water pistol, oops! I mean the weapon of mass destruction in Iraq. It's underneath the oil fields. We have secured all the oil field in Iraq and should be able to locate the weapon after we have done digging the oil.

Osama Bin Laden? Don't worry lar, we will not torture your relative one, sure give you face mah! But can you recommend him to consider our M16 or Carbine rifles when you meet him next time? Don't always stick with AK47 lar.

I must apologize for not doing a good job on the economy. As you can see, I was too busy firing up missiles in Iraq and Afghanistan. Anyway, I think you better print more US Dollar bills. I have almost finish spending half of the 700 billion cash to clear my debts in sub'marine'-prime mortgage. There is still another 350 billion for you to save AIG, Citibank, GM, Chrysller, Ford and lots more.

Here's my suggestion, try asking Maybank in Malaysia to invest in Citibank. I'm sure they will be interested since they were stupid enough to spend big money to acquire banks in Thailand and Indonesia.

You may also consider getting Proton to join venture together with either GM or Ford. Do you still remember what happened after they bought MV Agusta? They like to pay big money to buy automobile makers and then sell it with one euro.

Their country want to boycott US products? Don't worry about that silly old man, what do you think he can use to update his blog if he boycotts our Intel or AMD chips? Their country can only make potato chips!

I think that's about it for my advice. I will leave it to you for bombing Iran, Syria, and North Korea. Make sure you have enough missiles before starting the fight. Be really careful with the Chinese, although we were lucky to get away from their melamine attack. But we will not know what's the next secret weapon they will use against us!

Oh yeah! One last piece of advice,

remember not to show your finger next time when you give speech.

Your best pal,
George W. Bushit


  1. Dearest Bushit,

    When i write to you, i assume you are my dearest President-to-go Mr Bushit.

    First, your Agusta version of take-over deal with selling off of GM to Proton is like Mr Hock cutting my pay 40% off follows by an emphathetic wishing gesture of happy CNY. Well done but sucked.

    Everyone is impressed with your new branding of AIG. You will get your rewards for what you have done. Among many suggestions of rewards, the one best fitting you will, come from you, Mr Bushit ... A I G. Mr dearest Hock will ensure that is properly in place within weeks.

    As for Citigroup, i thank you for retaining the true image of the Group. FYI, this group is in the mason's AVL. Personally i thank you to keep the stock value in check. At the very least, poor little guy like me is waiting for a value of 10 pennies before afford to buy one.

    Your logo of Ford is disheartening, considering Henry Ford is my boss's convenient buzz word for modern manufacturing system. What will happen if an idol is as good as the toilet flush?

    Before i retire tonite, i am very sorry to tell you that Osama is the work of mason to expedite the process of New World Order. Obama,on the other hand is just little chicken architeched to put a finishing dot to this Plan. Dun believe? Look properly ...

    oSama ... S stands for Star.
    oBama ... B stands for Bucks!


    oSama is a star more than a terrorist.
    oBama? His assigment is to pass the buck!

    Finally, if you do not notice, both of them are as black as starbucks coffee ...

  2. Haha very funny post! Very creative indeed, well done! :)



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