Thursday, January 15, 2009

How To Make Your Blog Popular

My blog is relatively new, I have to do something to increase its popularity!

So, I did some research on the Internet to see why some blogs are so famous.

Some said, in order to make your blog popular, you should choose an interesting topic and write your articles by focusing on that particular subject only.

That's why some of the bloggers write on food, and some even named it Food Blog, they are determined not to write anything other than food!

I like to eat too! But just before I start writing something on food,

I found that there are just too many people writing on food. Better don't waste too much of my time fighting in this competitive market. So I looked for something else.

Maybe technology blog is not a bad idea
also ?

But how can a person like me who changed his hand phone ONCE in SEVEN YEARS write a techno blog?

My old Nokia 8250 that has been used for 7 years. I decided to change it because the phone's speaker & tranceiver are spoiled. It no longer functions as a phone.

And shame to tell that my desktop pc is still the old Pentium 4 which I have been using since my college days, and the battery that kept the clock running on the CMOS is dead.

Again, I have to look for alternatives.

Maybe photography is a good idea?

I think so, but that will have to wait until I buy a REAL digital camera to replace my K810i 3.2M pixel camera phone.

Shxt! I'm running out of ideas. What should I do?

I wanted to give up! But at last I have finally discovered the secret formula of getting your blog famous!

I found that as long as you post your sexy, hot (or preferably naked?) and pretty photos on your blog, the blog will become popular in no time!

Although I'm not a sexy hot chick, but I'm glad that I have inherited the perfect genes from my parents. Without hesitations, I have decided to put my photo on my blog immediately !


Please don't tell me I look like Brad Pitt anymore, I'm sick of being his shadow!


  1. i will try the hot and sexy attemp..

  2. Good god you finally got a new phone....

    Oh and don't worry, you look nothing like Brad Pitt.

  3. your skin tone very uneven hor. the head is white the limbs, neck are yellow. Interesting.

  4. The head gene from father, the body gene from mother...

  5. as usual.. face problem



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