Friday, January 9, 2009

I have Buddy!

One of the intentions for me to start this blog was to talk bad about Penang people and exposing their bad habits. Which is also the reason for the birth of "Penang CB Lang" category inside my blog.

After a few posts of "Penang CB Lang", some of my friends asked me:

"Don't you afraid your life might be in danger?"

In fact, sometimes I did worry about it. That's the reason I haven't put too much personal information on my profile. However, this will not stop me from continue writing on "Penang CB Lang"!

But sometimes I wonder whether I'm the only person doing this?

I feel so lonely...

Hey! Not this kind of lonely okay!

But today I'm not alone any more! I have finally found my buddy!

This is the english version blog for PENANG BAD HABITS STORY. We share and discuss about BAD HABITS which has been found in Penang. But this doesn't mean that those BAD HABIT we published here are only available in Penang. Please mind of the language and grammer that using here, because my english is terrible type.

Looks like I'm not the only person who thinks Penang lang really jialat after all.

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