Monday, January 19, 2009

Men Use Wallet While Women Use Tupperware

Men are simple. We need only a wallet. We kept our I.C, driving license, credit card(s) and etc. inside the wallet. We seldom change our wallet unless it's completely spoiled.

I have changed my wallet after last year after using the previous one for 10 years since high school.

Women, on the other hand are not so simple. They kept their I.C, driving license, credit card(s), MNG card, Esprit card, Vincci card, Jusco card.... whatever cards inside their purse.

Then, they will put the purse inside their handbag, claiming that the purse is too thick to put into pockets.

Other than that, they will keep their hand phone inside the handbag as well. They like to buy thin and tiny hand phones. But no matter how small and slim the hand phone is, they still insist to put it inside the bag.

Sometimes they said the handbag is too small, they can't put their make-up set, lipsticks, lotion, hand cream, hair cream, perfume, tissue papers, 'women stuff' & etc. So they need to put the handbag into a larger handbag.

After all these troubles, I think what they really want is a Tupperware set...

And a helpless, pity guy to carry for them.


  1. The pity guy looks like "kepong kia" ...

  2. your photoshopping already reach like fire pure green's level.

    i almost believe I can actually get one tupperware handbag myself!

  3. Those are Tipuware la.. not Tupperware :)



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