Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Why Men Always Bullied By Women

When we were little boys...

We play guns.

Hide and seek.

When we were teenagers...

We play sports.

Video games.

When we were young adults, while playing with our "guns" we started to tackle girls.

But it was until we grown up become a man, only we started to seriously talk about girls.

After being bullied.

When they were little girls...

When they were teenagers...

When they were young adults...

When they grown up...

When they were old...

They gather together... doing what?

TALK About Guys lor!

This is like Malaysia army fight with US army, we are 30 years behind their technology.

How to fight?


  1. gimme a break!

    girls have tons to talk and gossip k. Not only guys. The new hair do the bitch next door got, the cute tote bag, Ashley Simpson new nose job.

    Only guys talk about girls 24/7! when they playing video game, when they playing sports, when they having beer, no doubt about that!

  2. mane ade guys talk bout girls je...
    the one yg buat camtu is the one who have no life at all...lorh

    btw, women is not bermuda triangle.
    they are...
    gurls lar~



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