Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I never understood why people like to go clubbing. It is so crowded that you literally have no place to sit or stand. The music is so loud that you have to shout to your friend instead of talk. The drink you order can easily cost ten times higher than Tesco.

And yet, there are still whole lot of people queuing outside the club trying to pay and go inside!

But it was until my good bad-friend Ah Sin enlightened me to the maximum when he brought me to clubbing in Poppy (one of their usual favourite have-fun spot) during my horniday holiday visit to KL last week.

I realised why the music has to be so loud and strong. Because when you leaned near to the ear of the girls try shouting to them, you can smell their hair and guess what is the shampoo they are using. But more importantly, you can have a close-up view of their cleavage while nodding your head to talk to them.

I realised why people are trying to go in even though the place is so crowded. Because when the place was so congested, you have to hold the hands and waist of the girl, dragged them towards you and protect them when you want to look at their cleavage talk to them.

I realised why people don't sit inside there. Because you want to stand up and dance in the music, you stand up so that you can have a clear view on the people dancing on the stage. But more importantly, it's very hard to prevent up-skirt when you sit down with mini-skirt.

I also realised why ladies try not to wear so many clothes while clubbing. Because it's so damn hot and people are sweating inside there. The guys were busy rubbing their hands on the body of the girls thoroughly to help drying up their sweat.

Then I realised sometimes things are not used in the way they meant to be. You can't put your beer on the table when someone is dancing on it. You went in to the gents but suddenly doubted whether you were in the correct place because the person shouting inside there doesn't sounds like a man. You realised your wallet have to contain something start with 'c' other than your money and IC.

I realised life is good again.

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