Friday, March 20, 2009


Nowadays, e-mail has become a common tool used in office for communication. People used e-mail to send out meeting minutes, data, information & etc. Sometimes you can observe some funny behaviors when you see people using e-mail.

Some think that their job function is to write and send e-mails only. When you ask them to work, they will tell you:
Engineer A: "I still have hundreds of e-mail haven't read one you know?"
and show you the "whole-world-owe-him" face. :|

Sometimes I prefer to call-up the person to discuss the matter when we are short of time or for simple matters.
Me: "Ei! Do you know what is the program used to test this ar?"
Engineer B: "Can you send me a mail?"

Worse still, after you send out e-mails, you still need to call to inform the person to check his e-mail.
Me: "Ei you haven't reply me leh..."
Engineer B: "You didn't tell me you send me a mail what."

Some people love writing e-mails so much until they send e-mails to the colleague who is just sitting in front to ask for something.

There are also people who only know how to FORWARD e-mails instead of writing it.

E-mail from a Technical Marketing/Applications Engineer who supposed to answer customer's query but instead, he just forwarded it to us:

Sometimes people use short form or abbreviations to keep things short. My teammate, Miss HC is the laziest person I have ever met who fully utilized all these short forms.

Yxx Kxxx,

The loose units and adaptor board, CY had passed to u this end Monday.
Also, I hv reminded u on this tues after finishing testing the adaptor board type, to be sent for Latch Up.
Could u expedite ?

Like she's chatting on MSN.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Runaway Boss

Their boss went back to Mars already...

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Home Sweet Home

After one week in hell Shenzhen, I have finally back to Penang!

I have never felt good about living in China. Especially when you need to work late until midnight almost everyday.

Outskirt factory area where our CM factory is located.

Not to mention there are always pimps outside the hotel hunting for customers. Every single person on the street looks like going to rob you anytime.

At last, my work is done there. I can finally go home. I went back through Shekou (蛇口) port to Hong Kong to catch my flight back.

Ticket counter of Shekou port.

It's easier compare to ground transportation (shuttle bus, limousine & etc.) as you can check-in your flight and your luggage prior reaching the airport. You can also skip the immigration process of checking-in and out of Hong Kong after you check-out from Shenzhen.

Check-in counter for your flights and luggage.

Everything seems so nice when I was about to leave this country.

The sea looks nice.

The poster with broken cum grammar mistake English safety notice looks funny.

Except for the waitress on board with the ferry... :(

Suddenly, I felt I love my country when the airplane flew back from China and touched down at Penang airport. This happened every time when I came back from China.

Even though most of them up there who are managing the country are dumb asses.


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