Saturday, May 23, 2009


In Perak, we have TWO Menteri Besars.

Other than that, we have TWO speakers as well.

Hence, we have TWO state governments.

But how should we settle with it? We cannot have two governments running at the same time. There's only one state government office in Perak.

Maybe they can split the office hour.

But this is not fair to Pakatan Rakyat, they have to work for longer hour.

Or maybe they should assign her as the Menteri Besar.

I'm sure she is capable for the assignment. Don't forget she has a special weapon; USB thumb drive integrated with pepper spray!

Perhaps they can also follow the way how the mafias in Hong Kong doing. Like how the movie "Election" & "Election 2" showing.

Worse come to worse, they can split Perak to two and ruled by two governments.

One with its name remained as "Perak", while the other one maybe as "Petak", "Perack", "Pelak" or whatever.

We need to have two capitals as well, one remained as "Ipoh", the other one as "IIpoh", "Epoh", "Iboh" or whatever.

In that case, we have to update our Geography text book, country map, area code of telephony system, IC no. , road sign, address......

Sounds very complicated. But comparing to dissolving the State of Assembly for election, it's FAR MOOOOOORE easy...

Don't you agree, Mr. Najis?


  1. can name the new Perak --> Berak. For BN. Very suit Najis

  2. Muahahaha I like the Berak name !!! good good.. since Far Hee getting all those "special" shit at work... very fitting


  3. Dear CFH,

    In cooperation with the German Bundesrat our agency, bähr/hollenberg, is creating a card game called „Länderquartett“. This game will be especially designed for children and adolescents.
    On each playing card we will present a federal state. The target of the game is to provide information about federalism, by letting the children compare one federal state to another.
    For the presentation of the states on the cards, we are now collecting pictures of the government buildings. Unfortunately, we weren’t always successful.
    Therefore, I hope, you can help us now.
    On your website we found a picture of the Perak Sate Government building.

    Would it be possible to use this picture for our purposes? If so we would be very pleased if you could tell us the conditions for usage. We would need the picture in printable high-resolution.

    Thank you very much for your help and assistance!

    With kind regard from Kiel/Germany,

    Jens Wollmerath

  4. the e-mail-address is



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