Thursday, April 16, 2009

Feeling Down

I have been feeling so down since coming back from Shenzhen last month. Work pressure has driving me crazy, I have never felt so stress in my entire working life. My mood is like the sinusoidal graph, up and down.

Pressure is piling up on me, I'm starting to feel scare of going to work every morning. I have even thought of resigning from my job. Some said this is the sign of depression. I feel like having PMS everyday for the whole damn month!

Luckily, my boss gave me his support during this difficult time! He back me up all the way since crisis happened. I wanted to thank him personally, but come to think about it, he was the one who put me in this miserable life one year ago, by asking me to help him clean up the shit left over by another cxbxi teammate! #@!#X#!@

So boss, I can only thank you here lar! Don't give me Rank 3 ok?

Nobody can really help you when shit happens. I can't put my blames on anyone, I should have planned and executed the project better.

Anyway, I have learn one very important lessons here...

NEVER Take SHITS from Anyone!


  1. wuah... you very kek dong wo. PMS everyday , got period pain? take panadol every 4 hoursly.

  2. we can gladly forward this website to Mr KKL. As for cleaning up shit... well... there is no one left to clean up that shit ... all those people who knows this shit will hit someone when it was thrown upwards towards the ceiling fan.. quick quick cabut liao.... you can only pray hard hard that Lai On buy up this Light Semiconductor division... maybe there will be salvation in the form of pay out... or worse case... you learn Sawadeekap and move there and party with the lady boys there... which I think you will like.... muahahhaah




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